Just in Time for the Holidays: Bluebeam Action Figures?


If you have ever attended one of our user conferences, whether it be the Bluebeam eXtreme Conference or the International Rally Conference, you have probably encountered our dynamic duo of lead Bluebeam engineers sharing their top Tips & Tricks for using Revu. Well, we have always seen them as our own personal super heroes because of their ability to make Revu do just about anything our users need.


So, we made their superhero status “official” by working with one of our users, Viet (who just so happens to make custom toys and previously created a Mighty Bluebeam action figure for us). You got to love the attention to detail! Unfortunately, these one-of-a-kind action figures won’t be invading your local toy shop any time soon.

Happy Holidays, and remember to keep on PDFin’.


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