Bluebeam Demos Revu and Panasonic’s 4K Tablet During “Live @ CES” Webcast


Last week Bluebeam had an exciting time at CES! Not only did we collaborate with Panasonic to preview its cutting-edge 4K Tablet, we also participated in Panasonic’s Live @ CES webcast. During our segment, Bluebeam President & CEO Richard Lee discussed the impact that the Panasonic 4K tablet and Bluebeam Revu will have on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Here’s a look at what the tech world got to see when Bluebeam took the stage:

Photo 1 (2)

Panasonic host Jordan Burchette interviewed Bluebeam President & CEO Richard Lee on the webcast, Live @ CES.

Photo 2 (2)

During the segment, Bluebeam demonstrated how 4K tablet users can use Revu to easily navigate and markup large format drawings.

Photo 3

Jordan and Richard discussed the importance of collaborative, mobile solutions to enable AEC professionals to communicate and share project feedback anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about the 4K tablet and the collaboration between Panasonic and Bluebeam, watch the webcast or check out this press release. And, remember to keep on PDFin’.



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