Change and Time


Richard Lee (2)I was just reflecting that over the last decade, much has changed at Bluebeam, but one thing has remained constant – our product development philosophy. We develop software based on a simple premise – that technology should enable your workflow, not change it.  The idea behind this is that change is not easy.  In fact, trying to promote a system-wide change across an industry is that much harder because most folks are reticent to change.  So, why fight it?  In fact, why not embrace it?

Instead of asking our customers to overhaul their daily workflows, we set out to develop products that adapted to the processes the industry already had in place.  Together, we migrated from paper-based processes to electronic ones – same workflows, no paper.  But, we didn’t stop there.  When our customers became accustomed to the power, speed, savings and benefits of going paperless, they began to redefine processes, invent new workflows, and establish better ways to communicate, so we pushed further, promoting real change.

So, what happened?  Real change occurs when one creates something of true value – it must be tangible.  If you can’t quantify the tangible or intangible benefits, it doesn’t really exist, right?  In most cases, value manifests in reduced costs, time saved, or improved communication (i.e., accuracy).  Ultimately, we created technology that was a process enabler – our customers then ran with it and change happened.  Sounds simple enough… build it and they will come… not quite. Time is always against you – time for awareness, time for realization, time for adoption, essentially, time for change.  So where does that leave you?

If you cannot control change, then you must control time.  But, can you control time? In a way, yes you can.  You buy time with capital.  The idea then is to get a product to market and generate revenue before the capital runs out.  Raise more capital – gain more time.  Spend too quickly and you run out of time.  The secret sauce to success: manage your cash flow, know your limits, and somewhere in this epic battle against time, you will figure out where true value lies and time will become irrelevant.

Remember – Anything IS Possible


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