Revu’s Enhanced VisualSearch Enables Estimator to Finish Project Three Days Ahead of Schedule


From time to time, Bluebeam customers will reach out to us to share their experience using Bluebeam Revu and how it has helped them gain better results. Recently, Michael, who leads a team of estimators at a major construction and engineering firm, shared how one of his electrical estimators was able to complete a bid in just one day using Revu’s enhanced VisualSearch tool – a project that would have originally taken him four days to complete without Revu.


Revu’s enhanced VisualSearch technology now performs more robust searches regardless of size, color, rotation, or even another intersecting object.

Using Revu’s VisualSearch tool, the estimator was easily able to generate a count of lighting fixtures and outlets by searching for specific symbols and text. Even more, the tool enabled him to refine his search to include multiple rotations of the symbols and remove unrelated vector data, allowing him to not only increase the speed of his counts, but also the accuracy by as much as 99 percent.

How has Revu improved your workflow?



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