A New Old Standard—80/20.


Richard Lee (2)Like so many, when we started Bluebeam, we said we wanted to change the world. At our eXtreme        Conference last year, I shared with the audience that we are not changing the world, they are.  We provide technology to enable our customers to make what was thought impossible, possible.  How?  We give them time – time to step back, time to think, time to invent.  The result is the implementation of new processes that drive greater efficiencies in the system and an overall improvement in effectiveness.  Quite simply – our customers define a new standard of how business is done.

Let’s assume for a moment that 80% of your day is consumed by administrative tasks that are repetitive, redundant, or require rework.  Now imagine if you did not have to repeat certain tasks over and over again, did not have to reproduce work already done by someone else, or do something over to correct a prior mistake.  How would this save you time and with that time, what more could you do?  Our job at Bluebeam has always been to focus on the 80% of your day that is administrative.  With today’s technology, there is no reason why we can’t reduce the administrative to 20% of your day, allowing the remaining 80% of your day to be value add.

Now, take this concept a step further and consider how it affects the entire community.  How would a new standard of business evolve from this redistribution of time? Let’s say a customer figures out a way to come in ahead of schedule on a certain project.  How could that knowledge and those practices help them with the next project?  How would that help them win the next bid?  How long will these comparative advantages last?  Who knows?  What is likely – the gap between the ones who know and the ones who do not will decrease over time and the end result will be that everyone will then bid similar projects against the same timeline, a new timeline, or a new normal.

Can this new normal be expressed as a new standard?  Possibly.  Will this new standard be an evolutionary change or a revolutionary one?  This matters little.  What matters is the understanding that the origination for the change began with the application of the 80/20 rule at the most mundane levels.  What matters is the recognition that in the future, there will be another application of the 80/20 rule that will spark the next definition of what is considered standard.

Remember – Anything IS Possible


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