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Autosize Text Boxes and Text Size in Revu

October 30, 2013

So on Monday I got to tag along on a customer visit with Rob and Andrew from our Account Services team. They were doing a demo to show how using Revu and Studio could help this team communicate better with other departments within their company. As I was watching Rob in action, he demonstrated something I thought was really cool, and had no idea you could do in Revu 11.

When creating a Callout, you can set the properties of the text box to automatically resize based on how much text is in there. Now, some of you might not be quite as excited about this as I am, but if you are all about the little details, then I know you’ll love this as much as I do! Here’s how to do it:

Create a Callout and type in your comments. As you can see here, I’ve used the Properties tab to customize mine so the fill is a lovely shade of aqua.

text box

Next, select the text box portion of the Callout and right-click. You’ll see a context menu pop up, where you’ll select Autosize Text Box.

right click

And, that’s it! You’ll see your text box has magically resized to fit the amount of text in there more proportionately. No more unused extra white space!

text box resized

You can also set your font size to increase or decrease when you resize your text box. Simply select the Callout, and then go to the Properties tab. Next to Font Size, check the Auto box.

Auto text size

By the way, you can also change your Preferences in Revu so that this setting is applied every time you create a Callout or Text Box. Just go to Settings, and choose Preferences (or Ctrl+K). In the Preferences window, select Markup and then check the box next to Autosize Text Box and Callout Markups.


Pretty cool, huh? Rob said this is one of those hidden gems he loves showing in demos, and I can see why. Do you have a favorite feature in Revu you consider a hidden gem, too? I’d love to hear about it, so let me know!

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A New Look for the Bluebeam Community Forum

October 10, 2013

support-icon-forumWe’ve recently updated our community forum to make it an even better place to ask questions and connect with fellow Bluebeam users. In addition to a revamped interface, we’ve included some new features we think you’ll enjoy, such as the Introductions thread, which is a great place for anyone new to the forum to say hi and get to know others. We’ve also made it easier to navigate the Bluebeam Revu forum by separating it into two different sections: a General Topics thread for questions and suggestions and a Revu Technical Issues thread for reporting issues and bugs. The former Q forum has been upgraded to Advanced Technologies, covering Q, Studio Server and bFX. One of my personal faves is the Workflow forum, which now includes a Tool Set and Profile exchange where anyone from the community can share their work. Hope to see you in the community soon!

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A Night of Dragons and Dining at the AAa/e Banquet

October 9, 2013

Last Thursday, we attended the 36th Annual Asian American Architects and Engineers Awards Banquet at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The theme of this year’s sold-out event was “Together We Build,” celebrating their scholarship program for students pursuing a career in architecture, engineering and construction in Southern California.


A beautiful scene awaited us as we entered the ballroom

The fun started around 5:00 p.m. as we mingled with fellow AEC professionals. It was great to see and catch up with so many friends. After cocktail hour, a team of traditional Chinese dragons burst onto the scene, escorting everyone to the dining room where our master of ceremonies, local news anchor David Ono,  started things off by giving us the latest score on the Dodger game. Go Dodgers!


Colorful Chinese Dragons welcome us to the ballroom

This year, in partnership with the AAa/e of Southern California, we presented our first ever “Bluebeam eXtreme Scholarship” to recipient Elizabeth Kee for her efforts to help migrant communities in Asia. While a volunteer in Thailand, Liz helped design and build five sustainable playgrounds for ethnic minority children who escaped eastern Burma’s conflict areas. We were honored to have Liz and her guest, Andrew, at our table and it was a proud moment for all when our CEO, Richard Lee, officially presented her with the award on stage. As Bluebeamer Lilian put it, “Her smile, and boldness to change her life and live in an entirely different country, left an impression with me and many more in attendance that night.”


Sasha chats with Bluebeam eXtreme Scholarship Winner, Elizabeth Kee

Thanks to the event organizers for hosting such an inspiring evening!

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A Little Aloha Comes to Bluebeam

October 1, 2013

Mai Tais anyone?

Michelle from our Marketing team returned from her Hawaiian honeymoon on Monday to find some mysterious redecorating had taken place at her desk while she was away (hee, hee). Now that’s she’s working in a tropical tiki hut paradise, she can live aloha at the office every day, which if you ask me, sounds pretty good. Everyone can use a little aloha in their life, right?

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