A Very “Favorite Feature” Halloween at Bluebeam!


Here at Bluebeam, we love dressing up for Halloween. But we also love dressing as our favorite features in Revu, so this year we decided to combine them and have a “Favorite Feature” costume contest and Halloween treats potluck. We had a great turn out of both treats and costumes! Here are a few pics of my favorites.


The Tool Chest and Flatten Markups feature, and the Snapshot tool.


Studio Server serving up collaboration and 3D Markup indicators.

Our New Hampshire and San Diego offices got in the action too!


Some of our New Hampshire team came as their favorite face of support, a Callout, the Split Document feature, Sets, and Studio Server.


The Lasso tool rounds up the File Access tab, Redaction, Stamps, Link Saver
and the Search feature in San Diego.

There were so many awesome favorite features that it’s hard to show them all. So in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing others along with a more in-depth look at each feature and why it’s one of our favorites. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

Until next time,


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