Favorite Feature Friday – Get Line (Deskew)


Happy Favorite Feature Friday, everyone! As I mentioned in last week’s post, many of the Bluebeam staff came to work dressed as their favorite feature in Revu this past Halloween. Since there were too many great costumes to show in one post, starting today, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorites. Today’s favorite feature is definitely an unsung hero, called Get Line (Deskew).

Imagine someone sends you a scanned PDF and it didn’t come through quite right, so the lines are a bit crooked.


Samantha demonstrates crooked lines in a PDF.

To fix a problem like this, you can de-skew the document using your keyboard:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+D. Your cursor will change to crossbars.
  • Click and drag a line that should be horizontal in the PDF. (Alternatively, you can also click two points.)
  • The Page Setup dialog will appear, showing a preview of the adjusted PDF. Click OK to complete the align/de-skew operation.

And voila! Your document should now be perfectly aligned.


Samantha dons her CTRL + ALT + D costume and is magically transformed back into perfect alignment.

By the way, you can also select Get Line in the Page Setup dialog, or use the Deskew button on the toolbar.

If you have a favorite feature you’d like to share, let me know about it!

Until next time,


2 Responses to “Favorite Feature Friday – Get Line (Deskew)”


    Hi, what if I just need to rotate the print and save it that way?, I mean, when I open the print it is in vertical but I need it horizontal to compare it with other print.


    • Jenn from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Oscar,

      Thanks for reaching out! You can easily rotate an entire page by selecting, Document > Pages > Rotate Pages. From there use the Direction option to choose the degree of rotation and the Page Range or Page Filter options to choose which page(s) to apply the rotation to. Hope this helps!


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