Bluebeam Holiday Snowflake Challenge


Last week at Bluebeam, as things were winding down for the holidays, the competition started heating up with The Great Holiday Snowflake Challenge of 2013. It all started when Meg and Kristine decided to give their desks some holiday cheer by hanging decorations, including a few handmade paper snowflakes.

BB Elves

It started as just a few decorations…

It soon blossomed into a full-on competition, with Bluebeamers from every department grabbing paper and scissors, eager to outdo each other. The results were as fun and unique as the people who work here. They included everything from intricately cut paper, 3D, and Bluebeam logos, to some made out of coffee filters, aluminum foil, and even one from wood using a laser cutter! It was a spectacular sight to see!


…and before you knew it, it became this!


And this.

There were so many cool, creative contributions that it seemed only right to pick one as the best. Ultimately the Bluebeam snowflake ornament made from wood was chosen as the winner, and I say I have to agree. It was pretty awesome. Congratulations to the winners!

winning flake

The winning entry!

What a great way to end the year…I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014!

Until next time,


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