Plugin Support for Chrome and Firefox


Starting this month, the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers will begin phasing out support for the Netscape Plugin API, or NPAPI. Since most third-party plugins to Chrome and Firefox—including the plugin for Bluebeam Revu—utilize this technology, this means that once support for NPAPI is removed, the Revu plugin will no longer work within these browsers. This applies to all versions of Revu, including Revu 12, which is scheduled for release in February. Because of this, we will no longer include the Chrome and Firefox plugins with our software, starting with the release of Revu 12.

The good news is, since Microsoft Internet Explorer browser does not utilize NPAPI technology, the Revu plugin for IE will still continue to function normally.

Chrome and Firefox have yet to officially announce which versions of their browsers will no longer support NPAPI, but we promise to update you as soon as we have more news to share.

One Response to “Plugin Support for Chrome and Firefox”

  1. Alex Chapin Says:

    Have you thought about making new versions of your plugins that will work on Chrome and Firefox?

    I did a Google search and found someone recommending the following:

    Browsers should switch to using secure, sandboxed PPAPI (Pepper) plugins

    And for legacy Flash movies/plugins, use Mozilla’s Shumway

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