12 Years of Bluebeam Fun


BB 12th Birthday

Today we are celebrating our 12th anniversary! Over the years, we’ve driven a lot of results, but the ones below just may be my favorite! 😉 Take a few minutes to enjoy some little-known facts about Bluebeam.

In the past 12 years, Bluebeam has:


Created at least 237 YouTube videos (because in between the time I wrote this and posted it, there’s probably been a few more)


YouTube videos


Released Revu in 11 languages (next task: convince my boss I need to travel to all of these countries)


Revu languages


Pulled off countless office pranks (and sometimes two at a time)


Countless Office Pranks


Created 1 superhero (where did the Mighty Bluebeam go, anyway?)


1 Superhero


On second thought, make that 2 superheroes (and if you haven’t seen the video, you should check it out here)


eXtreme Conference trailer


Exhibited at 100+ trade shows (and earned a whole lot of frequent flier miles in the process)


100+ Trade Shows


Won 6 rallycross races (and counting)


rallycross wins


Been represented in 6 triathlons (and there are a couple of Iron Mans coming up, too)


6 Triathalons


Lost power on 2 separate Revu launch days (no, I’m not kidding)


power outtage


Partnered with 185 resellers worldwide (proof that we’re taking over the world)


resellers Page 008


Birthed a lot of Bluebeam babies (or future Revu software developers, as we like to call them)


20+ Bluebeam Babies


Designed 21 t-shirts (extra points if you know what this one spells in binary)


20 Bluebeam T-Shirt Designs


Won 36 awards (that trophy shelf is getting heavy)


36 Awards Received


Been featured in 173 articles (many of them featuring your success stories)




Published 55 case studies (which are fun because we love hanging out on jobsites)


55 Case Studies


Held the Olympic Torch once (and no, we didn’t steal it)


1 Time We Got to Hold the Olympic Torch


Had a user spot “Ask Greg” at the beach once (how did he recognize him?!)


1 Time Ask Greg Found a Bluebeam User at the Beach


Blogged 463+ times (or given you nearly 500 opportunities to wonder, why is there a PDF in a fish bowl?)


PDF Insider



Occupied 8 office spaces (in Pasadena, San Diego, Chicago and Manchester)


8 Office Spaces


Had 1 print ad banned (anyone want to guess what was in it?)




Filmed 3 commercials (bringing Revu to televisions near you)


3 Commercials


Dressed up like hippies once


1 Time We Dressed Up Like Hippies


But with everything that we do, there is only one reason that we do it…



To all of our users, resellers, technology partners and employees, thank you for an amazing 12 years. We are looking forward to many, many more!


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