Revu construction software digitizes and digitalizes construction coordination.

Revu Helps Construction Company Achieve 50 Percent Time Savings

The software solution Revu isn't simply supporting small construction companies during the pandemic, it's actually giving them a competitive advantage

It feels like an eternity since the COVID-19 pandemic caught us in its grip, and it has created significant economic hardship for many businesses, especially the ones that have missed out on the digitalisation and digitization trend. Fortunately, the construction industry has so far suffered fewer losses as a result of the crisis, and the shift to home offices, homeschooling and travel warnings means that housing construction, in particular, is flourishing. But the virus is not leaving the construction industry entirely unscathed. Just as in other industries, construction projects have to cope with constraints imposed by the pandemic and the resulting changes in the working environment.

Coronavirus rules complicate workflows in the construction industry

Social distancing rules must be observed and hygiene precautions taken on construction sites as well. Team meetings with office staff and employees on construction sites are a particular challenge, however, as face-to-face meetings can no longer be held as they used to. To make matters worse, office workers like architects and planners now often work from home, so digital communication channels are needed to replace traditional site visits and meetings in conference rooms. Simply communicating by phone and email would make project planning an expensive disaster for everyone involved, but our user-friendly Revu construction software is a forward-looking solution with added value.

Revu simplifies construction coordination

Revu makes the entire working process a lot easier, as the entire construction team is dealing with the same construction documents at the same time and these documents are all available in a uniform PDF format. All the vital documents are also grouped digitally in the cloud. Revu makes the coordination process much easier for site managers as well, as both they and the project managers benefit from complete transparency when they access the construction plans; they always have the latest information and all the deadlines at hand. All the plans can be accessed in real time, with colored markups clearly indicating onsite changes and comments.

Digital construction software as a tool to increase construction industry efficiency

Our customer Márkus Engineering can attest to how much Revu can improve project efficiency and the quality of work. Last year, the Hungarian engineering firm urgently needed a digital platform so team members could collaborate, wherever they were. A luxury hotel was nearing completion in Budapest, but the coronavirus crisis threatened to derail the schedule and send costs through the roof. How could the project be saved? Integrating a digital solution quickly was essential, but there was also another challenge: the solution had to be compatible with Archicad because the architects working on the project were using Graphisoft’s BIM software. But since Revu is compatible with a wide range of industry-specific programs, that wasn’t a problem either.

‘Revu is versatile and cost-effective – which is crucial for us as a small company. We’ve been able to cut the time required for plan reviews by 50% and complete quantity take-offs and estimates five times faster.’

– Tamás Márkus, Managing Director at Márkus Engineering –

Our customer also set up a digital dashboard so that current project information and adjustments were clearly visible to the entire team. It also made links to construction plans and calculations available immediately. This meant Márkus Engineering not only ensured that the construction project was completed on time but actually improved the overall workflow and profitability.

Successful project completion with Revu

Weekly project meetings were held via Studio sessions in Revu, with no travel, printouts or room reservations required. All team members could easily connect from any location and help move the project forward. Practical tools within the construction software made estimates easier and put calculations on a firm footing. All in all, the complete workload was minimised, which not only meant the project was successfully completed, but it also boosted satisfaction levels across the workforce.

Revu ensures sustainable benefits in construction project planning – even in non-pandemic times

Location-independent planning and communication
Digital Studio sessions replace location-based project meetings and provide instant access to all the relevant construction documents.

Invaluable calculation tools
Integrated measurement and quantity take-off functions speed up design reviews of material costs and ensure that they are traceable.

State-of-the-art connectivity
The software’s exceptionally great compatibility with other common systems simplifies work processes and delivers significant time savings.

Revu – construction software that can outperform its promises

The irony of fate – but in a positive sense: necessity drove Márkus Engineering to find a digital solution that could save its current construction project in the coronavirus crisis and bring it to completion. What the company actually found was construction software that speeds up work processes fivefold, even in non-pandemic times, minimises printing and travel costs, and brings together information 100% securely and efficiently. Project collaboration has never been easier, faster or more efficient!

Tamás Márkus is more than satisfied: ‘As a small company, we can now meet larger players on a level playing field to secure a competitive advantage in the local market.’

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