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The Internet’s Most Ask Questions About Bluebeam

Discover the answers to your most asked questions about Bluebeam. Unlock insights into Bluebeam’s innovative solutions bridging office-field communication in construction projects. Experience the power of Bluebeam Studio and Cloud for heightened collaboration and convenient document management on-the-fly.

Cluttered markups can proliferate construction plan documents in today’s digital world. Thankfully, Bluebeam’s Markups List is a powerful tool to quickly organise things in a meaningful way.
Unlock the full potential of Bluebeam with expert tips from Golder. Convince tech skeptics to embrace this user-friendly PDF software for improved efficiency and collaboration in construction, engineering, and architecture. Discover how to highlight Bluebeam's features, leverage Studio Sessions, and replace crude sketches
The advent of drones has given the construction industry the opportunity to get a unique view of a building project as it rises from the ground. But as well as checking that a structure has been built properly and collecting and imparting data, a drone-mounted camera can monitor a site’s safety and security, while it can also be used in a maintenance program, assessing wear and tear on a long-finished building or infrastructure asset.
Companies across the construction industry approach their activities differently, depending on the products and services they offer. Business models vary, from general construction offerings to specialisms. What is important is the ability to adapt and change as economic circumstances dictate.
Business information modelling (BIM) revolutionised the construction industry when it first came on the scene, enabling designers and contractors to get a unique digital view of their projects. Can openBIM, which promises users better access to digital files, better management of data and improved interoperability, do the same?

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