infrastructure projects in australia

10 of the Largest Infrastructure Projects Underway in Australia

Australia is experiencing an infrastructure boom, with $120 billion invested into land transport and roads over the next 10 years. This is all part of the government’s program to meet the country’s growing demands. Learn about 10 of the largest infrastructure programs currently underway.

The world’s largest solar farm is to be built in the Philippines as part of the government’s plan for reaching renewable targets in accordance with its National Renewable Energy Plan.
What are window and door suppliers doing in Bluebeam to finish the job faster? Here are a few tools to count, detail and install windows and doors for both residential and large commercial construction projects
Contractors undertaking a building project need to know who can supply them with the materials to complete the job, at what price and when. This is where a request for information (RFI) comes in.
Concrete is the most common material used in construction, but manufacturing its primary binder – Portland cement – causes greenhouse gas emissions, putting pressure on the industry to find a more environmentally sustainable solution

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