The Top Built Stories of 2020

Discover or revisit the Top Stories from Built Blog in 2020

Historians will undoubtedly define 2020 as the year the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, upending economies, cultures and life as we once knew it.  

What has unquestionably emerged from such a challenging year is the resilience shown from so many, including the construction industry, which managed to swiftly adapt to the new environment brought on by the pandemic while continuing to build and innovate in ways that have moved in the industry forward. 

The industry’s forward progress is clearly revealed in the top stories we covered on Built, the Bluebeam Blog, whose re-brand and re-design launched in October after years under the StrXur name. 

Here are the top Built stories of 2020:

This Chicago Office Tower Claims to be the First Post-COVID Building: Fulton East in Chicago boasts virus-fighting features like hospital-quality air ventilation and foot-activated lifts. Is this the new normal?

Working Remote Sessions: Jennifer Timmons: Here’s how Davy Architecture’s Jennifer Timmons is staying productive with Bluebeam while working from home full-time amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Seven Trends Shaping the Future Australian Construction Market: Advancing technology, a growing prefab market and more “green” initiatives are just a few of the trends shaping the immediate future of the country’s construction sector

2D vs. 3D Is Irrelevant: Data-focused design is becoming the future of modern construction

How to Overcome Lagging Digital Transformation in Construction: A recent Bluebeam-led roundtable discussion addresses the biggest barriers facing true digital progress in the construction industry

Quantity Takeoffs Are the Best Kept Secret in Bluebeam Revu: Deepak Maini, a 20-year qualified mechanical engineer, shares tips and tricks

A Revu Guide for Civil: Bluebeam Revu isn’t just for the vertical built environment. Here are ways civil engineering and project teams can take advantage of the software

Would You Live on the Water?: Floating houses offer unique advantages and challenges amid climate change. Are they a viable option?

Modern Architecture: Elegant or Ugly?: The debate has raged among building observers for decades: is contemporary architecture beautiful or boring?

Reclaiming Innovation: Moving Beyond High-Tech: This four-part series explores the true nature of innovation in construction and why it may not always play out as expected

A Day in the Life of a Crane Operator: Paul Livingstone has helped build turbines, reactors, you name it. If anybody knows cranes, Paul knows cranes.

“Bluebeam Is on My Business Card”: Paul Xuereb is a veteran electrical estimator in Sydney, Australia, whose business is booming thanks to Revu

Building a Skyscraper From Home: Engineers and architects on Crown Sydney had to coordinate the final phase of the construction project while working from home

Five Ways to Design and Access Masterfully Efficient Digital Dashboards in Revu: Digital dashboards offer teams a centralised, easily navigable hub for critical project documents and information. Don’t create one without making these considerations

Bluebeam’s Women in Construction Tech Reflect on Industry Progress: Here’s how women are continuing to advance the industry of construction technology, both at Bluebeam and beyond

Infographic: How Revu Time Savings Adds Up: The average Revu user saves about 37 minutes a day. Here’s how those time savings add up as more builders use the program to collaborate digitally and get more done, faster

Bluebeam’s Contribution to Environmental Sustainability: Here’s a visual look at how Bluebeam Studio Projects has helped promote environmental sustainability in the AEC industry

What Makes Digital Collaboration in Construction Possible?: Most construction professionals engage with their cloud-based applications to work without a second thought – but there’s a large, expansive world behind each click, share and comment

What Rapid-Response Building Can Teach Conventional Construction: The method typically put into action during emergencies-like COVID-19-provides lessons for conventional builders

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