Remote Collaboration Headlines Revu 20

The latest version of Bluebeam’s flagship project efficiency solution provides enhancements designed to increase accuracy and time-savings
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The newest version of Bluebeam Revu is out.  

Revu 20 is Pasadena, California-based Bluebeam’s latest effort to help architecture, engineering and construction professionals improve project efficiency and collaboration. The release also comes with greater flexibility and control as well as improved user and content management capabilities, streamlined communication and enhancements that aim to bolster accuracy and time-savings.  

“When we think of ‘teamwork’ on a construction project, we think about removing barriers through technology while unlocking the inherent potential of a group of diverse project partners,” said Bluebeam CEO Jon Elliott in a press release. “When teams have the right solutions in place to work together seamlessly across distances and time zones, all of the investments an organization makes in training, management and process development can be realized through clear and measurable improvements in quality, accuracy and efficiency. Revu 20 delivers improved communication management capabilities and productivity improvements that are designed to maximize an organization’s investments across the board.” 

Remote work boost with Studio Sessions 

Revu 20 introduces new communication features that are designed to boost productivity and enable more successful project delivery, improved user and content management capabilities to provide greater flexibility and control, and enhancements to the powerful markup tools in Revu that improve project data management when reviewing, commenting, marking up, tracking and managing project documents. 

Also central to Revu 20 are enhancements to Studio, a collaborative space accessed from Revu that transforms the application into a real-time collaboration environment. This allows teams to stay connected across the globe and work on projects from wherever they are—whether it’s a jobsite, office or, more recently, their own homes. 

Studio Projects provide access to a single centralized location to store documents—even entire building projects—in the cloud, and Revu 20 delivers improved access and control. Revu 20 also introduces an improved invitation process and administrative controls in Studio Sessions that make it easier than ever for team members and administrators worldwide to instantly connect on the same set of documents and take advantage of real-time connectivity. ​ 

Along with the release of Revu 20, Bluebeam also announced the launch of a Studio server in Australia. This will allow clients to host Studio Sessions and store project data within Australian borders, meeting data sovereignty requirements. Access is available immediately and is automatic for all users in the region using Revu 20 or Revu 2019.  

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