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A New Look for the Bluebeam Community Forum

October 10, 2013

support-icon-forumWe’ve recently updated our community forum to make it an even better place to ask questions and connect with fellow Bluebeam users. In addition to a revamped interface, we’ve included some new features we think you’ll enjoy, such as the Introductions thread, which is a great place for anyone new to the forum to say hi and get to know others. We’ve also made it easier to navigate the Bluebeam Revu forum by separating it into two different sections: a General Topics thread for questions and suggestions and a Revu Technical Issues thread for reporting issues and bugs. The former Q forum has been upgraded to Advanced Technologies, covering Q, Studio Server and bFX. One of my personal faves is the Workflow forum, which now includes a Tool Set and Profile exchange where anyone from the community can share their work. Hope to see you in the community soon!

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