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Cool Spaces! A New Show for Architecture Fans

March 27, 2014
Frank Gehry at office

Cool Spaces! host Stephen Chung talks to architect Frank Gehry.

Next week, an exciting new TV series, Cool Spaces! The Best of New Architecture, will premiere on PBS, taking viewers deep inside the process of making architectural designs a reality. Hosted by Boston architect and educator, Stephen Chung, Cool Spaces! offers viewers an insider’s look at the creation of some of the best public spaces in America and all the challenges along the way, from design to completion.

Bluebeam was fortunate enough to speak with Stephen, who shared the inspiration behind the show’s creation: “The reason I wanted to make the show was to get people excited about the world of architecture. But part of the problem with contemporary design is that it can be hard to understand what it’s about. People see a crazy form and don’t get it. That’s where the show comes in. As an architect myself, I take viewers on a journey to discover what a building is all about. Along the way, we meet all of the people involved in its creation: the client, the design team and the end users. Viewers will come away from the show with a real understanding of each featured building.”

Each hour-long episode will focus on cutting-edge, contemporary spaces that push the boundaries of design. The first episode will showcase three performance spaces, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Missouri and the Barclays Center in New York. We’ll also meet the amazing design teams behind these creations and learn about what makes each project so special. We’ve seen a sneak peek, and trust us – you won’t want to miss it! Episodes will air nationally on PBS beginning on April 1, but as each public television affiliate sets its own air date schedule, be sure to check your local listing for exact stations, dates and times.

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