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Bluebeam to Participate in the Virtual Green Expo

July 13, 2012

Bluebeam will be exhibiting at Environmental Design + Construction Magazine’s Virtual Green Expo – and you don’t even have to leave your office or jobsite to come see us. The Virtual Green Expo is an online event highlighting the latest technologies for greening existing buildings. It has the look and feel of an in-person trade show except without the travel and constant walking.

Bluebeam will have a virtual booth where we will be on-hand to answer your questions via the live booth chat, and with the recent release of Revu 10 and the Bluebeam Revu iPad app hitting the Apple App Store earlier this week, we will have plenty to talk about.


The Virtual Green Expo will take place on August 2 from 9am – 4pm Eastern Standard Time. You can register today by visiting the show’s website. Hope to talk to you during the show, and remember to keep on PDFin’.


Vote for Bluebeam in ED+C Magaine’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards

August 4, 2011

The polls are open, and it’s time to cast your vote(s)!

Bluebeam PDF Revu, your favorite PDF software for going paperless, is a nominee in this year’s ED+C Reader’s Choice Awards. This contest recognizes the top sustainable building products on the market, and we need your help to win!

It’s easy to vote, in fact you can vote once a day until the contest closes at  To vote, simply enter your contact information, click on the “Software and Web-based Programs” category, then check the box next to our name. Obviously, the more votes we get the better, so feel free to vote, vote and vote some more.

Thanks so much for all of your support, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


Tell Fellow Green Builders that Paperless is Green!

November 10, 2010

Next week Bluebeam is heading to the 2010 Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Chicago, and we’ve got some good times planned in our booth, #273. This year at Greenbuild, we’re reaching out to you to help spread the word that “Paperless is Green.”

You see, even though projects aren’t currently awarded green points for going paperless, we believe that eliminating unnecessary paper usage is something to celebrate! So, we’ve launched a new microsite – – where architects, engineers and contractors can read and share paperless success stories. Check out this video for a glimpse of what you’ll see on this site:

Even better – we’ve teamed up with our friends at Motion Computing to offer a special prize pack for sharing paperless stories. Stop by Bluebeam Software’s booth #273 at Greenbuild to tell us your paperless story and record a quick, YouTube style video. You’ll be automatically entered into a contest for a chance to win a cool Motion Tablet PC and seat of Bluebeam PDF Revu.

Not going to Greenbuild? Not a problem. Go to and type out your story, or make your own video and send us the link. Let me know if you have any questions, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


Mighty Bluebeam makes new friends at Ecobuild

March 17, 2010

What a lucky guy!

Our paper-fighting superhero Mighty Bluebeam is back from Ecobuild, and boy does he have some stories to tell. From March 2nd to 4th, he and a handful of my Bluebeam colleagues exhibited at this London conference, dubbed the world’s largest event for green building.

Team Bluebeam reports that Ecobuild was a huge success, with several current users stopping by to say “Hello.” Many more attendees were drawn to our comic book themed booth, and blown away by Bluebeam PDF Revu 8 and its custom PDF markup tools, Tool Chest, electronic takeoffs and more.

Stay tuned for a special video testimonial from a Bluebeam user, taken live on the Ecobuild trade show floor. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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RemodelingTV’s Green Police on Bluebeam PDF Revu: “It’s Incredible!”

December 9, 2009

At the 2009 Greenbuild Conference and Expo , RemodelingTV Green Police Michael Anschel and Carl Seville stopped by our booth to talk about Bluebeam PDF Revu. With a tablet pc in hand and a camera crew in tow, Michael showed Carl why he thinks Bluebeam is an “awesome piece of software,” by demonstrating how you can use Bluebeam to review, markup and edit PDF drawings. He even says Bluebeam is the “ultimate in portability.”

Check out the quick video here (Bluebeam’s review starts at around 2 minutes and 50 seconds in).

Watch Carl Seville and Michael Anschel talk about Bluebeam and other green products on Hanely Wood’s RemodelingTV

Do you agree? Then share this video with your friends! And remember, to keep on PDF’in!


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Greenbuild 2009 Recap

November 24, 2009

This year at Greenbuild, Bluebeam Software exhibited to share a simple message with attendees: communication based on PDF, and not paper, is a greener practice that should be implemented into green building projects.

But in true Bluebeam fashion, we went all out to find a fun and unique way to get the word out. May I present Exhibit A?

Mighty Bluebeam

The Mighty Bluebeam makes going paperless fun!

That’s right! We unveiled the Mighty Bluebeam, dubbed “the world’s greatest paper eliminator,” to help attendees see that project communication really should be digital, and not paper-based. Not only is this a greener way to share information, but more time-efficient and effective, too.

The great news is that Greenbuild attendees agreed. We met with so many designers, engineers and contractors – all looking for ways to banish the Paper Pusher from their projects. And they were so happy to seek refuge with the Mighty Bluebeam and his paper-fighting PDF editor, Bluebeam PDF Revu, as demonstrated in Exhibit B, the Greenbuild Highlights video:

Want to see more? Then check out our Greenbuild Flikr slideshow, which includes photos of our ED+C Readers’ Choice Award, and the Green Exhibitor Award we won for incorporating sustainable elements into our booth.

Pretty cool, huh? Well trust me, when it comes to Bluebeam and fun trade shows, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Thanks for reading our Greenbuild wrap up, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


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Are you proud of going paperless?

October 5, 2009

What are you doing to help the green building movement? The USGBC wants to know!

On their Twitter feed, the USGBC has posted this Word document, asking the green building community to share what green thing they are most proud of. Here’s a snippet:

“As part of Greenbuild, we want to celebrate all the exceptional and extraordinary things we’ve all done to advance the green building movement: certifications, AP designations, products, training, successful advocacy events, chapter events, news coverage, product innovations, anything that’s made you proud.”

Here at Bluebeam, we’re very proud that Bluebeam PDF Revu is used by architecture, engineering and construction professionals to go paperless, and that it delivers real results.

Are you a member of one of those firms that has a great paperless success story to share? Well, then by all means download the call for submissions and let the USGBC know! They are asking for 50-word descriptions, plus any relevant photos or videos. The deadline is Friday, October 9th. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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Vote for Bluebeam in the 2009 ED+C Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards!

October 2, 2009

The stars are shining down on Bluebeam once again!

ED+C Readers' Choice01

Bluebeam PDF Revu, the PDF solution that is helping the design and construction industry go paperless, is a nominee in ED+C Magazine’s 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards. This contest “recognizes the crème de la crème of green building products that best combine sustainable attributes with ease of use and installation.”

Please help us win!

Voting is now open at Just enter in your contact information, click on the “Software” category, check the box next to Bluebeam PDF Revu and click “Vote!”

Winners will be announced during the 2009 Greenbuild Conference and Expo. So please vote for Bluebeam, wish us luck and remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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What’s the greenest thing you can do as an architect or designer?

September 30, 2009

I just saw this YouTube video (thanks to @arbiterofwords and @edcmagazine for sharing it!).

In this short video, the cameraman goes workstation to workstation and asks colleagues: “What’s the greenest thing you can do as an architect or designer?” There were a lot of great answers, and I was very excited to hear going paperless was mentioned four times!

If you read this blog frequently, you know that I talk a lot about how Bluebeam can help you go paperless. And it’s so great to see a video like this which demonstrates that architects and designers agree that paperless projects are green projects!

So, don’t just listen to me. Listen to your peers, too, and keep on PDF’ing!


PS – Incase you didn’t already know, I’m @Bluebeam on Twitter.

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Brainstorming Ways to Talk Green Building with Eva Longoria Parker

August 10, 2009

Today I saw this article which says that Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria Parker has teamed with green building professionals to form The Greenville Project. The firm will focus on designing green retail spaces.

Eva and her green building partners. Photo from

Eva and her green building partners. Photo from

As soon as I read it, I instantly started devising plans to meet Eva. After all, I’m sure she’d be interested in hearing how Bluebeam can help her go paperless and review design data electronically.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Make a big poster that says “Eva, try Bluebeam for PDFs!” and hold it up in front of the Universal Studios entrance (where her TV show is filmed). This is totally plausible – Bluebeam is about 20 miles away from Universal.
  2. Send her tons of fan mail letters, each with a Bluebeam trial CD inside. She just might open one! Although on second thought, this wouldn’t be very green of me.
  3. Get season tickets for the San Antonio Spurs (her husband plays for them), and go to every game in hopes of running into her at the hot dog stand. There are only a few problems with this – A) Basketball is not in season. B) I don’t live in San Antonio. C) Season tickets are expensive! D) What if she doesn’t like hot dogs?

Do you have any better ideas for how to reach Eva? Share them with me! And remember, to keeping on PDF’ing!


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