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How to Replace PDF Pages without Breaking Bookmarks

June 18, 2009

Let’s say you have a multi-page PDF with bookmarks, and use that other PDF program.  Right before you’re about to distribute the file, you realize one of the pages that contains a bookmark needs to be replaced.

Danger, Will Robinson!


In other PDF editors, replacing a page that contains a bookmark can cause imminent disaster.  That’s because when you replace the page, you also replace (i.e. break) the page’s bookmark.

Thankfully, Revu is smarter than the average PDF editor.  With the release of version 7, Bluebeam’s Replace Page feature (Document/Replace Pages) now includes an option to “Replace page content only”. Simply check that box, and you’ll just replace the underlying content, not the bookmark (i.e. your bookmark won’t be lost in space).

Revu can protect your bookmarks when you replace pages.

Revu can protect your bookmarks when you replace pages.

Pretty cool, huh?  You can check out more new features in version 7 here. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing.


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