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Podcast: Revu 10 is here!

March 27, 2012

After months of anticipation and feature leaks, I’m excited to share that Revu 10 is here! This new release pushes the limits of collaboration, cloud storage and project communication – and gives you tools so you can do what you do, better. You can read about all the new features, as well as early feedback from our Beta testers, here.

Welcome to Revu 10

And, for those wanting more of the inside scoop on what went into making Revu the “best release evar” (as our engineers say), check out this podcast with the developers who lead our engineering team – Ben and Peter. Make sure you listen until the very end – I promise there’s an announcement that you won’t want to miss!

What Revu 10 feature are you most excited about? Let me know! And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 Podcast – It’s launch day!

March 22, 2011

As we say here at Bluebeam, “It’s alive!!”

Today is not only the launch of the new fully-loaded Bluebeam PDF Revu 9, but also the debut of Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme for PDF power users. Yep, it’s an exciting day for Bluebeamers! To celebrate, below is part 2 of the “What’s in Revu 9 Podcast” with Ben and Peter from the Bluebeam development team:

We already discussed many of the great features in Revu 9 in part 1 of the podcast. Part 2 talks about these additional amazing features now available in Revu Standard, Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme: PDF to MS Office conversion, Quick Launch, VisualSearch™, Erase content and cut content, area cutout, custom statuses for the Markups list, dynamic page ranges (for drawing comparisons, printing and more) and adding hyperlinks to PDFs from the File Access tab. The podcast also discusses these features available only in eXtreme: PDF forms creation and scripting.

Check out this page for more details on all the new features in Revu 9 and eXtreme. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


Revu 9 Podcast, Part 1 – Bluebeam Developers Reveal Upcoming Features

February 28, 2011

Based on some of the feedback we got last month about keeping upcoming Revu 9 and eXtreme features a secret, I’m thinking this post will be a hit (fingers crossed).

Today you can finally hear, in detail, about some of the new features coming out in Revu 9 and eXtreme. Just tune in to part 1 of our 2 part podcast series with Peter and Jon from the Bluebeam development team. The podcast is just under 14 minutes long:

Part 2 of the podcast series will be released on launch day later this month along with the full list of features available in Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 and Revu eXtreme.

Which new feature are you most excited about? Comment below to let us know. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 Sneak Peek Podcast

January 31, 2011

It’s that time of year again!

The latest version of your favorite PDF editor, Bluebeam PDF Revu 9, is scheduled to be released next month. You know I want to give you as much inside info as possible, so we recently recorded a podcast with Bluebeam VP of Engineering, Don Jacob. While we couldn’t quite leak features (yet), Don did share some valuable insights on who is going to love Revu 9, and why we’re calling it the “fully-loaded” release. Also, listen to us chat for the first time about a brand new edition of Bluebeam PDF Revu called eXtreme.

So what do you think? Comment below. And remember to keep on PDFin’!


Bluebeam Podcast – Introducing our new PDFin Machine, Bluebeam Q

July 30, 2010

I was supposed to tell you about our latest product yesterday, when it launched. Unfortunately I was in a car accident and didn’t make it into Bluebeam. I’m back in business today though, so without further adieu…

Yesterday we launched Bluebeam QTM, a powerful PDFin’ machine for automated PDF publishing and processing. Formerly known as the Bluebeam Conversion Server, Q has a new name, new look and all new features.

Bluebeam Q

To celebrate, we recorded the following podcast with a Bluebeam Q developer, Brian, and product specialist, Joel. Click the player below to listen to the conversation and find out what Q can do for you.

For more information about Q, including a 30-day trial, an overview video and workflow samples, check out And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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Bluebeam Podcast – Our developers talk about real-time PDF collaboration with Studio

June 15, 2010

Real-time PDF collaboration is here thanks to Bluebeam Studio, the newest feature in Bluebeam PDF Revu 8.5! Today, listen in to the latest Bluebeam podcast as lead developers Ben and Peter talk all about this incredible new way to collaborate with project partners across the globe.

Download Revu 8.5 with Studio today and remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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Bluebeam Podcast – AIA 2010

June 2, 2010

AIA 2010 is next week! We’ve been gearing up for this trade show for months by talking about the new technology we’ll be releasing and posting sneak peek images and video of our superhero-themed booth.

Today, find out more about what you can expect to see in our AIA booth by listening to this Bluebeam podcast.

If you are going to AIA make sure to visit us in booth #2387. You’ll definitely want to stop by on Thursday, June 10th at 4pm for our in-booth celebration of the new technology we’re releasing at the show. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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The wait is over. Bluebeam PDF Revu 8 is here!

February 9, 2010

No more teasers, Bluebeam PDF Revu 8 is alive and ready to download!

This new version takes Bluebeam beyond just PDF creation, markup and editing. It’s a complete solution for banishing paper from your workflows. And, with incredible new features that make it super easy to manage files and customize the way you interact with PDFs, Revu 8 is most definitely Bluebeam’s best release ever.

Among my favorite new features are:

  • A brilliant File Access tab for managing files without ever having to leave Revu.
  • Smooth integration into SharePoint and ProjectWise through a Revu toolbar.
  • Flexible custom columns in the Markups List for performing calculations.
  • Quick and easy one button PDFs from Revit. Yes!!

Trust me, there’s a whole lot more to Bluebeam PDF Revu 8.  You can read about it here or listen to this podcast with lead Bluebeam PDF Revu developers, Ben and Peter:

So how do you get your hands on Revu 8? Here’s the deal:

Undecided? Get a 30-day trial here.
Current customer?
Try Bluebeam PDF Revu 8 here.
Ready to buy?
Thank you! Order from our online store, or through a Bluebeam reseller.

If you’re a current customer with maintenance, or you bought Revu on or since 1/1/10, drop us a line at Include your company name and serial number and we’ll send you a free upgrade license to Revu 8. For anything else, email us at or call 866-496-2140.

What are you waiting for? Download Bluebeam PDF Revu 8 now! Comment below to let me know what your favorite new feature is, and keep on PDFin’!


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Bluebeam Podcast: What to Expect in Bluebeam PDF Revu Version 8

January 6, 2010

Guess what? Bluebeam is on the brink of releasing a new version of your favorite PDF creation, markup and editing tool, Bluebeam PDF Revu. That’s right – the release of version 8 is imminent!

Last year, right around this time we sat down with two of our lead software developers, Ben and Peter, to talk about 2009’s release of version 7. Well, we invited them back to Bluebeam Studios once again, and this time we talked about the overall theme of version 8. Click the player below to hear what direction this new version of Revu will be taking us, who will find version 8 most useful and how Bluebeam determines what new features to create.

For more information on next month’s release of Bluebeam PDF Revu v 8.0, keep visiting this blog, and also check out, the command center of our software’s superhero, the Mighty Bluebeam. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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Bluebeam Podcast: A Greenbuild Booth You Don’t Want to Miss

November 9, 2009

Who is the Mighty Bluebeam?

I’m very excited that the Greenbuild Expo opens tomorrow! You see, for the past few months we’ve been planning a very cool, fun surprise for our Greenbuild booth, # 4524. But, I was under strict orders to keep it all under wraps…until now!

Listen to the latest Bluebeam Podcast to discover what we’ll be doing at Greenbuild, and learn more about that guy up above in blue tights.

Whether you’re making the trip out to Phoenix or not, make sure to check this blog and our Twitter Feed all week long for photos and updates from our booth, including some candid snapshots of the Mighty Bluebeam himself! And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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