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Studio Prime 3.5.3 Just Released!

December 18, 2015

StudioPrimeLogoMark-RGBStudio Prime 3.53 is now available. This release provides a few fixes and introduces Studio Insights for generating detailed reports on activity across all Projects and Sessions managed within Studio Prime, and greater control over the restricted state of Prime Projects and Sessions for administrators. Be sure to read the full release notes for all the details.

Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.8 Now Available

November 25, 2015


Revu and Vu iPad 3.0.8 are now available. This release includes support for iOS 9 as well as stability improvements and fixes. Check out the full release notes for all the details.

Revu 2015.6 Released

October 8, 2015

revu-logo-sm (2)Revu 2015.6 is now available and includes several fixes and improvements to Revu (including PDF rendering and printing) and Studio Sessions and Projects. Read the release notes for a full list of updates.

Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.6 Just Released!

August 19, 2015


Revu and Vu iPad 3.0.6 are now available. In addition to some fixes in both, when flattening documents forms will now be flattened as well. Be sure to check out the full release notes for all the details.

Revu 2015.5 Is Here!

August 18, 2015

That’s right, Revu 2015.5 is now available, adding new functionality along with several improvements and fixes. Some of the highlights of this latest release include:

Open Licensing
Our new cloud-based concurrent or “floating” license system enables organizations to authorize Revu use for employees on demand from a pool of shared seats.

Tablet Interface Optimization
When running on a supported tablet device, Revu automatically switches to “Tablet Mode” for an improved full screen experience and optimized touch screen and stylus input.

Revit 2016 and Navisworks 2016 Compatibility (CAD and eXtreme versions only)
Adds PDF Plugin compatibility into the Revit and Navisworks (Manage and Simulate) versions.

OCR Enhancements
Supports the recognition of Chinese and Japanese text and images in OCR.

Word and Excel PDF Plugins
Overall performance improvements to PDF creation in Microsoft Word and Excel such as hyperlink placement and graphic accuracy.

New JavaScript Functionality
Revu 2015.5 adds new JavaScript calls and now supports trusted functions and folder-level JavaScript.

These are just some of improvements you’ll find, so be sure to read the full release notes for complete details.

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Revu/Vu iPad 3.0.2 Just Released

March 10, 2015


Revu iPad and Vu 3.0.2 are now available. In addition to improvements and fixes to both, Studio Sessions created in Revu iPad now can be set to automatically expire at a specific date and time. To learn more, check out the full release notes.

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