Construction has been somewhat behind on things like technology and remote working. But the COVID-19 pandemic forced the sector to revisit how it did things; now it is embracing fresh ways of working that could lead to gains in productivity and worker well-being.
Construction activity is complex, requiring huge amounts of coordination and cooperation. Pre-construction site inspections are part of this process, ensuring that the groundwork—literally—for success is being done properly.
Researchers at the University of Kitakyushu in Japan found that chopped up cleaned nappies can replace up to 10% of the composite material in a concrete mix for structural use in single-storey buildings and as much as 40% in non-structural and architectural components
From keeping onsite equipment secure and productive to helping map out land and terrain for projects, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology offers the construction industry a dimension of information that was simply unthinkable a few decades ago.
Cluttered markups can proliferate construction plan documents in today’s digital world. Thankfully, Bluebeam’s Markups List is a powerful tool to quickly organise things in a meaningful way.
Traditional building products such as steel and concrete are construction’s ‘tried and tested’ materials, yet they come with a significant environmental cost. Can ‘hempcrete,’ a concrete-like product made from the hemp plant, help the industry elevate its sustainability efforts?

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