Carlos and Muhammad with their tools

Bluebeam UK Helps Build Better in the Local Community

Bluebeam recently teamed up with the Paddington Partnership for a day volunteering at the Penfold Community Hub in London, a dedicated centre that provides activities for vulnerable people aged 50 and over

The Bluebeam UK team is well versed in helping our customers build a better world. But this time, it was the team’s turn to support its local community.  

Bluebeam recently teamed up with the Paddington Partnership for a day of volunteering at the Penfold Community Hub in London, a dedicated centre that provides activities for vulnerable people aged 50 and over. Sadly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities were paused, making Bluebeam’s appearance very popular among the community.

Upon arrival, the team was greeted by Jessica Cunliffe, a community program manager for the Paddington Partnership. Jessica kindly organised a schedule for the day that consisted of gardening tasks and technical support sessions for the hub members.  

After being briefed by Jessica, the Bluebeam team was quickly divided into small teams to carry out gardening tasks in the facility’s outdoor area. At first, there were some concerned comments among the group, which provided some amusement: “I live in London, I don’t even have a garden,” and “I don’t think I have ever done any gardening in my life.” 

Despite this, the newly formed, green-fingered team sprang into action and made headway quickly. Carlos and Muhammed got stuck into some nasty weeds in a shrubbery; David and Emma potted plants; Matt and Adam were seen digging; and Kerry and Jarrod efficiently weeded and prepared a flower bed.

After tackling various tasks for a few hours, the team and onlooking members were pleasantly surprised by their work. The plants were potted; the flower bed was ready; and, despite Carlos and Muhammed bickering like a married couple at times, the shrubberies had been perfected.

Following lunch, the Bluebeam team embarked on a much more familiar activity — providing technical support for community members who needed help with their smartphones and tablets. 

These technical support sessions provided the most rewarding and memorable moments of the day. Many of the members had tablets or smartphones bought for them by family members but lacked the expertise or confidence to use them.

Jarrod gives technical support to a member with his tablet

One lady was visibly emotional as a Bluebeam employee taught her to video call her relatives in the Caribbean and Los Angeles. Another happy resident left feeling much more confident in using their tablet for online shopping, which will dramatically improve their quality of life. Other members, meanwhile, were just happy to have a planned activity where they could talk to someone. 

These sessions were a welcome reminder of the need for companies like Bluebeam to help and support the local community. Bluebeam was proud to work alongside the Paddington Partnership to deliver it.

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