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Changing the Culture at Cummings Electrical

How Bluebeam Revu helped standardise onboarding and document management As one of the largest providers of electrical contracting services in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, Cummings Electrical has nearly 500 highly skilled employees offering a vast variety of project services and serving client needs. With an in-house BIM staff and a focus on integrated project delivery…

Can Apprenticeships Plug the UK’s Skills Gap?

The UK’s construction industry acknowledges that there is a skills crisis, one exacerbated by the departure of many EU-born workers in the wake of the Brexit referendum. A renewed enthusiasm for apprenticeships offers a way to attract fresh blood into the sector and address diversity issues.

How Bluebeam Is Transforming Merced County

Bluebeam is increasingly being used by public sector organisations in the US. Built UK spoke to the supervising building inspector for plan reviews for Merced County in California about why his team made the switch to Bluebeam and what the software has done to transform the way his team can respond to the needs of local people.