Welcome to Tech Adoption Week 2021

The construction industry is awash in new, ever-changing technology. This week, we're exploring ways to help you navigate tech adoption at your organisation.

Technology adoption has arguably never been more top of mind for the construction industry.

Thanks to speedy advancements in areas such as mobile connectivity, cloud computing and data analytics—paired with a pandemic that pushed much of the world to accelerate use of such nascent technology—the construction industry is at an inflection point when it comes to technology adoption.

Built, the Bluebeam Blog, is celebrating the moment with Tech Adoption Week—an annual editorial offering that aims to provide everyone from jobsite managers to project managers to quantity surveyors and beyond with educational features, case studies and interviews to help the industry progress in its embrace of technology as a catalyst for continued success.

The topic of technology adoption, however, remains a persistent pain point in the industry.

Many have yet to fully make the transition from paper-based processes to digital, unsure of how to begin the shift properly without significant business disruption. Meanwhile, others that have committed to integrating new technology often face resistance from skeptics unclear on the true bottom-line impact.

Even the most ardent technology adopters at the most prominent construction contractors in the world always feel like they could be doing more. And cutting-edge innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, additivemanufacturing and the like continue to put pressure on the industry to implement tools most don’t yet fully understand.

Moreover, implementing new technology isn’t just about assessing the effectiveness of the tools themselves. Technology adoption also requires a crash course in organisational change management and communication. Evaluating and persuading a team (or entire company) to change a process in favour of a technology-enabled solution requires just as much insight on understanding the underlying technology as it does human behaviour.

This is why Built created Tech Adoption Week. With so many questions surrounding how technology is quickly changing the construction industry and an abundance of information available, we felt there needed to be a focused resource to capture the most trusted insights on the topic.

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