Why Aren’t We Using Design Review Standards in the UK

A roundtable hosted by The B1M and Bluebeam
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Fred Mills, founder of The B1M, the world’s most subscribed-to video channel for construction, recently sat down with four major players in Europe’s construction market to discuss design review standards in the UK. Jimmy Forsberg, development leader at Skanska, spoke to an initiative led by the nation’s top contractors. Andrew Gamblen, digital manager at Willmott Dixon, Vicki Holmes, leading partner at Multiplex, and Rennie Chadwick, COO at Osborne, all had insights into implementation, collaboration and digital optimism in a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation.

Here are four key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Sweden sets a good example for others to follow. Read about how their national design review standards for PDF are boosting efficiency for all contractors.
  • When organizations focus on collaboration instead of competition, everybody gets better results—including less rework.
  • Digital adoption is addictive: by starting small, it may be less intimidating to some people who are wary of learning new technology. But once they see clear results, they’ll go all-in.
  • The competitive advantage for firms is not in merely obtaining data, but in knowing what to do with it it—how to interpret, analyze and apply findings.

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