Catch the BUG

An intro to Bluebeam User Groups

Environment dictates behavior. But when you focus on the built environment, what does that behavior look like? How does it reflect the nuances that define the unique cities and local markets across the globe, as well as the changing technology and new techniques within construction? Introducing Bluebeam User Groups.

The construction industry has long gotten the bad rap of being stuck in the past and not embracing change or technology. But there’s a lot of evidence that flies in the face of that. In fact, as Bluebeam grows and expands to include more global markets and international customers, we realize more than ever how important it is to maintain a clear understanding of the built environment—from a local, ground level perspective.

One of the biggest issues for construction is that each discipline is focused on their silo and has a hard time seeing the implementation of a workflow or the adoption of a technological strategy from the perspective of other project partners. On top of that, jobs often come back to back or overlap, leaving little time to develop strategies and digital solutions. Given those issues, where can built environment professionals share the successes from each industry discipline and what has been learned by others to better establish the real value of new technology?

The impact of building projects, the dynamic of project teams and the implementation and adoption of technology at a local level were factors that played heavily in the creation of an environment that fosters learning, understanding and collaboration within the industry. We call this program our Bluebeam User Groups (BUGs), and our Bluebeam Communities team is committed to their development. Through regularly scheduled BUG meetings, the localized groups explore and discuss trends, technological innovations and modernized workflows impacting their region and market.

Bluebeam User Groups have been actively growing over the past few years, which has helped these peer-sharing platforms grow at the localized level within their respective markets. The demand for the BUGs creates a platform for AEC professionals from companies of all sizes and disciplines. As a region gains more and more Revu users, the start of a local BUG is an impactful solution where industry professionals across the area, from all skill levels and disciplines, are welcomed to gather in a neutral environment.

As of April 2018, we have 20 BUG chapters across the US and overseas. BUGs have meetings all over the country—typically every quarter. Check our Bluebeam Communities Page to find a BUG near you!