Knowing how much material to use on a construction project is vital. A ‘takeoff’ list sets out the volumes of bricks, the lengths of steel, the amount of glass, etc., that a building is likely to require to be completed.
Bluebeam recently teamed up with the Paddington Partnership for a day volunteering at the Penfold Community Hub in London, a dedicated centre that provides activities for vulnerable people aged 50 and over
As the battle to tackle climate change intensifies, the threat of increasing hurricane activity is forcing designers and engineers to come up with solutions to protect existing homes and deliver new ones that are better prepared for the storms to come.
Moving into a newly built home should be a dream come true, and for most people it is. But often there are little issues with a new home that mean the experience is not all it could be. How can buyers deal with ‘snags,’ and how can the construction industry do more to solve the problem?

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