When it comes to uses of carbon fibre, most people think of high-end motor vehicles, motorbikes or aircraft interiors. But thanks to its superb strength and light weight, the ‘miracle material’ has its uses in construction.
Learn about the critical importance of height safety in Australian workplaces. Discover key regulations, expert insights, and recommended safety measures for businesses and workers operating at various heights.
Explore the critical issue of mental health in the Australian construction industry. Discover the staggering costs, both human and financial, and learn about initiatives and strategies aimed at supporting the mental wellbeing of workers. From training programs to workplace culture, find out how the industry is coming together to create safer, more resilient environments.
Construction has been somewhat behind on things like technology and remote working. But the COVID-19 pandemic forced the sector to revisit how it did things; now it is embracing fresh ways of working that could lead to gains in productivity and worker well-being.

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