Construction and Big Data

The construction sector relies increasingly on data. With new technologies – particularly information-gathering gadgets such as sensors – becoming more prevalent across the industry, how much of a role will big data play in companies’ fortunes?

Greenwashing – the act of claiming environmental credentials for a product or project that are unjustified or outright untrue – has no place in the construction sector. Creating sustainable developments through investment in people, materials and delivery practices, plus supporting evidence to corroborate such claims, is the way forward.
Speed has become paramount in the increasingly competitive industry, says Bantrel Co. project engineer Duane Gingras, making digital tools like Bluebeam essential for success.
The built environment contributes a significant amount of the world’s carbon emissions. A life cycle assessment is increasingly seen as the best method of monitoring a structure’s carbon and offers the industry a route to minimising its effect on the rest of us.
When it comes to uses of carbon fibre, most people think of high-end motor vehicles, motorbikes or aircraft interiors. But thanks to its superb strength and light weight, the ‘miracle material’ has its uses in construction.

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