What is bluebeam

The Internet’s Most Asked Questions About Bluebeam

Discover the answers to your most asked questions about Bluebeam. Unlock insights into Bluebeam's innovative solutions bridging office-field communication in construction projects. Experience the power of Bluebeam Studio and Cloud for heightened collaboration and convenient document management on-the-fly.

What is Bluebeam used for?

Bluebeam develops construction software solutions that help architects, engineers, and builders to communicate better between the office and the field. Any workflows that would have traditionally been completed on paper like quantity take-offs and design reviews, can now all be done digitally in Bluebeam.

What is Bluebeam Studio?

Bluebeam Studio is a collaborative workspace that’s built into Revu, so, you can have all your project information there like your drawings. You can even have other Excel files, and other formatted software saved into there. Or you can also go to Studio Sessions, which is a PDF collaboration space, where you can invite other people to do live markups with one another and then effectively report on this. So, it is a live collaborative space.

What is Bluebeam Cloud?

Bluebeam Cloud is a cloud-based web and mobile platform that enables users to use the documents they have in Revu on the go. While you’re onsite, you can post RFIs, manage documents, and complete defect inspections.

Can Bluebeam add up measurements?

Definitely. First, you’re going to make sure your drawing sheets are calibrated so you have the right scale involved.  From there, we’ve got a whole range of tools you can use. We have area, polylength, you can do volume, you can do counts and so forth. But everything on the PDF is a 2-in-1 source of information, it’s in the markup list, and that will add up on the fly.

As an extra little bonus, you can create a legend on the drawing sheet of specific markups or measurements, and it’ll add them up on the fly as you do it live, so that’s a nice little workflow too.

Can Bluebeam work on a Mac?

Bluebeam Cloud is a web-based solution so it’s usable on any web browser, on PC or Mac. For iPad users, we also have Revu for iPad.  And they all collaborate with Studio Sessions.

Can Bluebeam open DWG files?

What Bluebeam has is an add-in for AutoCAD. And essentially what we’re doing is converting to a PDF.  So, convert the DWG file to the PDF, which then can be used for markup and collaboration.

Who owns Bluebeam?

Bluebeam was founded in 2002, and in 2014 we joined the Nemetschek Group of brands, which develops software solutions for the entire AECO lifecycle.

Bonus Fact! Did you know that Bluebeam’s first solution, “Pushbutton PDF” was originally designed by engineers from NASA, who were really frustrated with the PDF solution they were using at the time?

Does Bluebeam use OCR?

Yes. OCR is optical character recognition and that’s where the software will convert text that isn’t a vector or real text inside the PDF, it’s an image of text or numbers, into actual text and numbers that can be searched. Which is a really powerful workflow for anyone doing quantity take-offs or searching for particular information inside a PDF.

Where is Bluebeam located?

Bluebeam’s head office is in Pasadena, California. And we’ve got teams all over the United States, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and here in Australia.

Is there a free version of Bluebeam?

There is a 30-day free trial and it’s important to note that collaboration is part of the DNA of Bluebeam. Anyone with a licence can invite a guest collaborator to join in on the Studio Sessions.

Is Bluebeam a one-time purchase?

There are three Bluebeam subscription plans, and you can mix and match them – based on different roles in your business. They’re all billed per user, and they’re billed annually. And with that subscription you also get access to Bluebeam University, tech support and unlimited secure storage.

Is Bluebeam free for students?

Yes, it is free for students. It is also free for educators as well. They can obtain a licence and they also get access to Bluebeam University for their further education. And they can also get heavy discounts on becoming a Bluebeam Certified Professional.