The 5 Buildings That Epitomize Stockholm Architecture

The Swedish city’s character is best represented through these buildings known just as much for their artistic creativity as much as their history

Stockholm, Sweden, is undoubtedly one of the world’s marquee metropolises. One of the most historic cities in Scandanavia, its buildings reflect both the city’s rich history and its propensity for functional structures. 

This video guides viewers through the five buildings that arguably best represent the city’s architectural character—from neoclassicism to post-modernism. 

  • Stockholm City Hall (1923) National Romantic (a form of Art Nouveau)  
  • Stockholm Public Library (1928) Nordic Classicism  
  • Woodland Cemetery (1940) Functionalist  
  • Ericsson Globe (1986) Postmodern  
  • Karolinska Institute Aula Medica (2013) Abstract  

Rob Dunn and Justin Hearn also contributed to this video

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