Built Celebrates World Architecture Day 2023

These stunning architecture stories will scratch your design itch, from spectacular practitioner profiles to visual tours of classic European cities

October 2 is World Architecture Day, and Built is celebrating by bringing back some of our best architecture stories published in recent years. From profiles of influential architects to explorations of building designs of different styles and types, here’s a peek at our most compelling architecture stories:

This Architect Designs Stunning Treehouses. Here’s How He Does It: Forget the rickety backyard treehouses—these tree-based structures are lavishly designed and come packed with stunning structural and design features.

Deryl McKissack’s Remarkable, Decades-Long Architectural Journey: The esteemed architect has many notable projects to her firm’s name, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.

This Old Barn Is Lighting Up Builders’ Imaginations: For artist and architect Catie Newell, Secret Sky is part of a larger practice of fashioning meaning from unexpected rediscoveries of the conventional built environment.

The Pandemic Sent This Firm’s Architects Home to Work. Then Bluebeam Saved the Day: The initial pandemic panic sent FGM Architects’ employees into remote work indefinitely, hobbling their ability to collaborate on project documents—then Bluebeam reimagined the way the firm operates.

Bryony Roberts: Designing for a Broad Spectrum: New York-based Bryony Roberts is among a new breed of architects making their mark.

The 5 Buildings That Epitomize Copenhagen Architecture: With centuries of history behind it, Denmark’s capital city showcases some of the most iconic architectural structures in the world.

Dive Deep into the World of Aquarium Construction: Designing and building spaces for humans to experience underwater wonders requires tremendous knowledge of how thousands of fish species exist in their natural habitats.

Is the Red Sea Airport in Saudi Arabia the Airport of the Future?: The Red Sea Airport set to open in 2022 in Saudi Arabia aims to be equal parts luxurious and environmentally sustainable.

Experience the Awe-Inspiring Design of the Shanghai Astronomy Museum: The immersive architectural structure is designed to leave visitors feeling like they’re walking among the stars—a special experience that required exceptional construction techniques.

Designed for the Nose: The Art of Scent in Architecture: A building’s value comes from many factors, but what ultimately hits the nose can have a tremendous—and sneaky—influence on how people behave inside a structure, as illustrated by scent architecture.

3 Amazing Chicago Houses Not Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright: The venerable architect’s creations are constantly praised and worth seeing—but so are these area architectural landmarks.

Brutalist Architecture: Dividing Observers Since the Mid-20th Century: The hulking, monolithic concrete structures are assailed by critics as grim and inhuman, while impassioned supporters say the style has been misunderstood.

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