Design-Build With RevuFrom A to Z

Mechanical Subcontractor CCI Mechanical leverages Bluebeam Revu from preconstruction to project turnover

“If you want somebody to be there for the life of the building, it’s CCI Mechanical,” explains Project Manager Ian Goduti. As a mechanical subcontractor responsible for design and preconstruction, fabrication, construction, commissioning and installation, as well as project turnover and servicing post-completion, the firm goes above and beyond most subcontractor capacities. That said, the potential for breakdowns in communication, rework, and owner relationships is high, especially on a complex project like Grove Tower, a multiple tenant high rise in Salt Lake City’s West Valley area. “We were really looking to take the next step, both with our processes and our software. We’re from preconstruction through estimating, through engineering to construction and project management, where we have our controls and our fab shops, and then ultimately handing it over to service. So, similarly, we wanted a software that could really encapsulate that workflow.”

CCI Mechanical used Bluebeam Revu at every stage of project delivery for the Grove Tower commercial office building project to effectively integrate with existing processes to generate improved dialogue between their engineering department, their fabricators, their project managers and foremen on jobsites. Through the use of Bluebeam profiles, tool sets, dashboards, and templates from design through build-out, the firm has created more efficient collaboration, streamlined documentation, and provided a much better end product for the owner.

“We were able to share all of the drawings, submittals, O&Ms, install manuals, really everything applied to the field through the Studio. It connects everything from the office to the fab shops to the to the field and ultimately the owner,” explains CCI Mechanical Assistant Project Manager Hannah Crawford. From achieving a 50% time savings in system design to saving weeks in design review, and completing a fully detailed O&M package in just five hours, using Revu has yielded invaluable dividends for CCI Mechanical. “The relationship directly with Bluebeam and what we’ve been doing shows a lot of shared value. Anything we can do to improve our overall process, obviously, is great for everybody. Ultimately, the owners, the business, and the field, which is most important,” adds Goduti.