Profiles of some of the leading projects in the vertical and horizontal built environments.

Ethical Property Development

Property developers deliver our homes, offices and the facilities we regularly use. However, these organizations often gain a reputation for dodgy behaviour, shoddy practices and poor quality. How can the sector ditch its tag of being unethical and embrace better working methods?

Rising Construction Prices: When Will Building Materials Go Down in the UK?

Thanks to Brexit and the covid pandemic-related supply chain issues the cost of building materials – everything from bricks to timber and steel – soared during 2020 and 2021. Just as this situation began to ease, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine piled yet more cost pressures on a number of key products. How can the industry mitigate these and meet the demand for new homes, infrastructure schemes and other projects?

What Can Be Done to Solve Cornwall’s Housing Crisis?

With a population of nearly 600,000 people, the English county of Cornwall is one of the UK’s top holiday destinations, thanks to its warm climate, beautiful countryside and stunning beaches. Located at the western end of the Cornish peninsula, which also encompasses Devon and parts of Somerset, Cornwall attracts around 4 million visitors a year…