Insights on better ways to use Bluebeam Revu and other industry software and technologies.

Safe Work

Keeping Construction Safe 

Explore critical insights for National Safe Work Month 2023, focusing on workplace safety in the construction industry. Learn about risk management, mental health support, diversity in the workforce, and the new 10-year national strategy to reduce workplace fatalities. Discover resources for small businesses to enhance safety practices.

Winning Public Sector Campaigns

Winning Public Sector Construction Contracts 

Uncover the hidden potential of construction projects in reshaping economies, fostering innovation, and driving societal change in this article. Explore the concept of Social Procurement, where construction intersects with broader goals, and delve into focus areas like gender equity, local industry participation, and sustainability that can propel your construction business towards success and positive impact.

House design for resilience

Resilient Design and Construction

Discover the importance of resilient design and construction in the Asia-Pacific region, which is highly susceptible to natural disasters. Learn how resilient materials, innovative construction methods and green infrastructure can increase the strength and durability of buildings and infrastructure.