ClearTech Wins 50% More Jobs With Estimation Efficiency

The Irish specialist contractor enhanced the speed of its estimation process with Revu, bolstering and broadening its business to new heights


ClearTech Engineered Solutions is a Dublin-based specialist engineering contractor that designs and installs post-tensioning for bridges, buildings, roads and other civil engineering projects. Post-tensioned structures require less concrete and reinforcement, which has a smaller environmental impact than traditional or pre-tensioned concrete. And as demand for these services rose, ClearTech had more RFQs than it could answer.


As a result, ClearTech started using Bluebeam® Revu® to increase the speed and precision of its project estimations. Revu became the digital center for ClearTech’s practices, encompassing estimations, design and revisions, QA/QC and document management. Revu helped ClearTech save thousands of euros by cutting the cost of paper printing for design comparisons and revisions. Additionally, use of the overlay tools in Revu resulted in faster markup methods and reduced work hours per project.


  • ClearTech has won 50% more projects since implementing Revu
  • The company has grown its client portfolio to include companies such as Salesforce, Facebook and Amazon
  • ClearTech has also taken on international projects in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, where it has opened an office to focus on growing its business in these regions

Get an in-depth look into how ClearTech used Revu to bolster its estimation capabilities.