Reconciliation Week Australia

First Nation Engineering Hosts Blood Drive for National Reconciliation Week

In an effort to support cancer patients and strengthen community ties, First Nation Engineering's blood drive during National Reconciliation Week aims to recruit 30 new donors and promote the importance of blood donation

Human blood is something we all share and can’t be discriminated against—it transcends age, race, sex, orientation and all manner of community and individual differentiators. Each of us shares a need for blood to survive and the opportunity to offer it to save others.

For Western Australia’s First Nation Engineering, this commonality is the key to bringing people together for its first Blood Unites event—hosting a blood drive in partnership with Lifeblood (formerly Red Cross) as its key activity to participate in National Reconciliation Week in Australia.

“Blood is something that unites us all, and highlights our shared humanity, plus is a really practical activity,” First Nation Engineering General Manager Joanne Abraham said.

“Critically, the greatest users of blood products are cancer patients, and there are very few people who, either personally or through family, haven’t been touched by cancer.”

“Here in WA, stock of whole blood products covers about 7-8 days of demand,” Abraham concluded.

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In 2024, National Reconciliation Week—held May 23 through June 3—is focused on the theme of “Now more than ever.” The dates for the week remain the same each year and mark two significant milestones toward reconciliation, the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision, respectively.

Reconciliation Australia’s work during and beyond the week of reflection and celebration seeks to strengthen relationships between the wider Australian community and our First Nations peoples.

For First Nation Engineering, an important way to build shared value and respect is through shared commitment to a common cause—blood donation.

The blood drive will be held June 4, the day after Reconciliation Week. “The goal of our blood drive is to recruit 30 new donors,” Abraham said.

“We have also established a dedicated donor team within the company, and external donors can link their profiles to support FNE’s efforts,” she added.

From midday on June 4, a contingent of the #BloodUnites group will attend LifeBlood’s Perth CBD donor centre at 140 William St. to give their blood.

To join the efforts of the First Nation Engineering #BloodUnites initiative, people should register on the LifeBlood website as a donor and then email details including donor name, phone number and donor registration number. First Nation Engineering will then welcome you to their donor group.

According to LifeBlood, each blood donation can save up to three lives. Red blood cells only last 42 days from when they’re donated. Australia needs more than 1.7 million donations every year to meet demand, or three every minute.

About First Nation Engineering

First Nation Engineering is a joint undertaking established by the Carey Group and CPC Engineering, who share a vision for sustainable business and Indigenous participation. Offering 75 years of combined experience across mining, engineering and project delivery to Tier 1 miners in Australia, First Nation Engineering works to establish and manage strong alliances with clients, employees and suppliers.

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