Introducing Built, The Bluebeam Blog

The new and improved Bluebeam Blog features an enhanced commitment to serving the construction industry with critical industry insights and perspectives

Welcome to Built, The Bluebeam Blog. 

Since 2015, Bluebeam has committed to going above and beyond its role as a construction technology company by publishing stories on the people, processes and technology that are continuing to shape and transform our industry.  

From the arrival of exoskeletons on jobsites to the burgeoning field of space construction, as well as the strategic and tactical changes the industry has had to make amid a wave of technological disruption, The Bluebeam Blog built a consistently growing and loyal audience of readers appreciative of Bluebeam’s effort to provide relevant, well-researched and, most importantly, objective stories on critical industry issues and trends.  

Just like many companies and professionals in the construction industry have had to adapt to the industry’s ever-evolving transformation, so too has the Bluebeam Blog. 

Building impactful connections 

The biggest motivation behind our evolution to Built is to establish a greater connection with our readers. Built aims to accomplish this not just by telling stories of the incredibly fascinating people who continue to shape the construction industry, but also by showcasing the people behind the blog.  

In addition to a growing internal editorial team at Bluebeam that works tirelessly to produce Built’s written, video and visual insights, there is an expanding roster of freelance journalists and illustrators who are committed to serving our readership with vigorously sourced interviews and illuminating complementary visuals and graphics that make the blog among the industry’s best.  

Built gives these critical contributors more visibility on the blog, providing readers with a more enlightening experience.  

Lastly, Built aims to provide Bluebeam customers and enthusiasts exclusive access to the amazing stories and insights of the people who make the company’s products among the most valuable in the construction industry. 

Built will increasingly feature a unique point of view on critical industry issues, straight from the minds that are essential to making customers’ lives better and their jobs more fulfilling. 

We encourage you to stay connected with the Built team. Subscribe to our exclusive monthly email newsletter (sign up at the bottom of Built’s homepage). Connect with me on LinkedIn. Tell us about how we can better serve you with relevant and impactful stories. Offer us interviews with people who the industry needs to hear from. Inquire about contributing an article.  

Above all, continue to engage with us on the Built Blog. We built it for you—just like you build the rest of the world for us.  

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