These Military Skills Help Prepare Veterans for Construction Careers

Three veterans who transitioned into flourishing construction careers talk about which skills from their time in the service best prepared them for their current work

Brandon Cullum always needs to have a plan. “I want to know what I need to do and when I need to do it,” said Cullum, a lead development representative at Bluebeam.

Having a plan, and sticking to it, has been a central skill in Cullum’s professional life since his days as a member of the United States Navy, where planning became something “drilled into my brain,” Cullum said.

Indeed, being a member of the United States military, whether it’s in the Navy, Marines, Army or Air Force, provides people with some especially useful skills. And as many servicemembers eventually transition out of the military and into civilian careers—including many in construction—such skills often come in handy.

In the above video, three veterans now working in various roles in the construction industry explain how the special skills they earned through their military service have helped them in their construction careers.

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