Point of View: Punch Data

Kris Lengieza, VP of Operational Excellence at Stiles Construction, uses punch data to create enterprise-wide transparency

Stiles Construction tapped Lengieza to lead their tech team to curate and explore innovative digital solutions for the firm’s construction group. This included the crucial task of solving everyday business process problems that Stiles faces at the project level, and companywide.


  • Absence of a digital process to capture punch data in the field resulted in a lack of insight
  • Lack of consolidated and up-to-date information to subcontractors slowed projects
  • Enterprise-wide efficiency issues and trouble evaluating project comparisons


  • Revu was implemented as a data collection and punch tool
  • Data displayed within dashboards allowed consistent information to be distributed to subs in a timely manner
  • Dashboard implementation using data from Revu visually exposed all areas of measurable work companywide


  • Rework can now be avoided through more accurate digital punch data
  • Improved communication and synergy among project partners and subcontractors
  • Unparalleled transparency allows executives to evaluate enterprise-wide efficiency