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Marvel at These Spectacular Architecture Stories from Built

Virtually visit the most influential architecture from Munich to London to San Diego

The 5 Buildings That Epitomize London Architecture: The city’s architectural charm is rooted in both its cherished history and its modern innovations.

Revitalizing Design in Detroit: Design Core Detroit is working to invigorate the once-downtrodden city by inspiring local architects, artists and builders to bring it back to life.

Artificial Intelligence in Architecture: The World Beyond Visual Generative Models: Today’s AI applications offer far more than phantasmal images of structures that will never exist. But concerns continue over intellectual property, dataset quality and the changing definition of creativity.

Meet Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan’s First Female Architect: Built spoke to Lari about her unusual approach to architecture, conservation and community, as well as her vision of a more community-focused future of design.

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The Life and Afterlife of Three of the World’s Ugliest Buildings: While not every architectural style is for everyone, there are some buildings that are universally described as downright ‘ugly’—here are three of the most famous.

This Architect Designs Stunning Treehouses. Here’s How He Does It: Forget the rickety backyard treehouses—these tree-based structures are lavishly designed and come packed with stunning structural and design features.

The 5 Buildings That Epitomize San Diego Architecture: San Diego may be a surfer’s paradise, but this beach town’s vibrant event spaces, literary landmarks and bustling border crossing make it ideal for any architectural enthusiast.

Dive Deep into the World of Aquarium Construction: Designing and building spaces for humans to experience underwater wonders requires tremendous knowledge of how thousands of fish species exist in their natural habitats.

The 5 Buildings That Epitomize Munich Architecture: The Bavarian capital showcases some of the most extravagant architecture in the world, from structures built in the Middle Ages to modern buildings emblematic of the German city’s rich culture.

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