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How Royal Render Adelaide Saves Time with Bluebeam

Explore how Noah Amoah's strategic approach to rendering is setting Royal Render Adelaide apart in South Australia's construction industry.


Noah Amoah has learned the secret to business success—building profitability isn’t contingent on turnover.

As founder of Royal Render Adelaide, Amoah has created a venture from the ground up with the mantra of standing apart across its offerings and within its operations.

Royal Render Adelaide serves as one of the leading render contractors in South Australia. Featuring a team of certified professionals who tackle a broad range of projects across the residential and commercial building spectrum, the organization is known for delivering detail-oriented, quality work.

Importantly, rendering is no longer as simple as just covering a brick and concrete surface with coating. Techniques such as floating and sponging work toward textured or smooth, fine or coarse, natural or colored finishes.

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Seeking to set and surpass industry standards through a multipronged approach to its business, Noah focuses across several key areas to build business success including:

  • Introducing customized render finishes to set the business apart from its competitors.
  • Diversifying projects to include commercial, residential, retail and apartment rendering scopes of work.
  • Developing and embedding universal systems and processes.

“A long time ago I realized that if you don’t want to live how everyone else lives, don’t do what everyone else does,” Amoah said.

Customizing client offerings

Innovation of its rendering offerings to offer unique renders has played a significant role in setting the business apart from its competitors.

“Hybrid aged render is one of our unique custom finishes,” Amoah said.

“We created this finish to showcase the timelessness of a classic home, while maintaining the durability of the modern day. Hybrid aged render can be tinted to any color of choice and is designed to age over time—no paint required.

“This finish is exclusive to Royal Render Adelaide Pty Ltd. and is by far our favorite look.”

Diversifying the client base

While Royal Render Adelaide is proud of its reputation for delivering to the high-end residential market, the business also extends its projects across the spectrum of construction and renovation markets—from apartment buildings to commercial precincts and more.

“Through diversifying the size and type of projects we work on we are able to better use our workforce and be more agile to client needs,” Amoah said.

“The larger projects enable us to forward plan and create the ‘spine’ of a pipeline of work of 12 months ahead and longer, and we are then able to identify and develop smaller and niche opportunities to ensure we are fully capitalizing on our resources.”

Developing and embedding universal systems and processes

Consistency is key to ensuring Royal Render is building its reputation as a trusted market leader.

This meant that as the business owner, Amoah shouldered the painstaking work of scoping and developing quotations for works.

“I was the typical trades-based business owner reliant on my scale ruler to work out the dimensions and costings for potential projects,” Amoah said.

“Bluebeam is a key tool that is supporting our focus on innovation and building our reputation as trusted industry leader,” Amoah said. “I used to be hunched over a table for three days using A3 sheets, a scale ruler and a pencil to measure and quote for a job.

“Then one of my team members told me about Bluebeam’s estimation tools, and it has completely shifted how I work on my business. Quotes and measurements have now been compressed from three days to just 30 minutes. The pricing in our take-ups is transparently and accurately aligned with the square meterage of projects.”

Speed and accuracy are both crucial for capturing a project’s true scope. Users can upload PDF drawings, take precise measurements (including volume, angle, etc.), then link totals to Microsoft Excel worksheets for automatic bid calculations.

The tools also enable teams to mark up and measure together using customizable toolsets, leading to high-quality estimations and resulting in better tender bids.

The benefits of improved accuracy and transparency now include reduced risks, greater trust with clients and project partners and streamlined project startup.

“We only have been using it for six months and I am sure that while I am still to unlock its full potential, I am already seeing the rewards,” Amoah said.

“Thanks to the innovation and streamlining that Bluebeam offers, I am now also able to free up my time to improve our profitability with Royal Render and also to pursue other ventures.”

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