Environmental Sustainability in Construction

Built Celebrates Construction’s Sustainability Push

Making construction more environmentally sustainable is a vital focus for the industry. Here, we look back on Built’s most recent top stories about the industry’s sustainability push

How Technology Can Make Construction More Sustainable: Construction companies are using technology to reduce their impact on the environment.

From the Linear to the Circular Economy in Construction: Making the industry more environmentally sustainable requires the transition from the linear approach to construction to a more circular model that offers additional advantages in overall cost, materials pricing and supply security.

Can Construction Be Completely Emissions Free? Norway Aims to Find Out: The Nordic country is already a leader in environmentally responsive building; now it wants to make its construction industry the cleanest on earth. Can it be done?

Green Building Materials for Sustainable Construction: Given the level of carbon emissions construction generates, the industry knows it has to smarten up its environmental act. Part of the sector’s response will be to embrace more green construction materials, while some, like timber, have been a part of the industry for centuries.

Amsterdam Moves to Mandate Wood Building. Here’s Why: Inspired by the environmental advantages of wood construction, the European city recently passed groundbreaking legislation mandating that all new buildings constructed after 2025 consist of at least 20% wood or other biobased material.

What To Do With Oceanic Waste Plastic? Build Roads: MacRebur has designed a way to use plastics polluting oceans and landfills to build roads, parking lots and driveways.

Can Construction Solve Its Concrete Conundrum?: Concrete is the most common material used in construction, but manufacturing its primary binder—Portland cement—causes greenhouse gas emissions, putting pressure on the industry to find a more environmentally sustainable solution.

Green Building Council Accelerator Program Aims to Bolster Construction’s Sustainability Efforts: The Los Angeles-based Net Zero Accelerator aims to support promising startups cultivating technology-based solutions to make construction more environmentally sustainable.

Can Bamboo Construction Replace Timber and Steel?: Bamboo checks many of the boxes of an eco-friendly material, so some researchers are testing the material’s commercial viability in construction.

Inside Gothenburg’s $100 Billion Sustainable Building Spree: The Swedish city’s ongoing megaprojects are a transformation built with innovative construction technology.