5 Things Construction Tech Manager Pablo Giraldo Can’t Live Without

Construction workers rely on several essential tools to get the job done. Here, a construction technology manager shares the items he can’t live without on the job


Pablo Giraldo is an assistant technology manager with The Walsh Group in Atlanta. When he’s not traversing large construction jobsites managing document management workflows, Giraldo is producing helpful workflow videos to share with his growing community of online followers.

These are the five things Giraldo can’t be on a jobsite without.


Like many other cutting-edge construction professionals, Giraldo uses drones on the jobsite to capture aerial photography and video. “It’s probably one of the best investments I’ve made,” Giraldo said.

Hard Hat

Like most construction workers, Giraldo can’t be on a jobsite without his hard hat and face covering. Except Giraldo’s lid isn’t typical. His hard hat comes with a chin strap and a built-in eye shield so he doesn’t need separate safety glasses. “I love it. Some people make fun of it, but I think eventually everyone is going to end up using this kind of hard hat because you strap it around your chin and it doesn’t fall off,” Giraldo said.


When he’s not working as a construction technologist on some of the Atlanta area’s most high-profile jobs, Giraldo produces his own Bluebeam workflow videos from his home. One of the most essential items in that pursuit is his camera, which Giraldo said he has with him on the jobsite most days. “I’ve used this for all the footage that I’ve taken over the past month,” Giraldo said. “So anything that you’ve seen on my social media, anything on my channels, this is what I use.”  

Editing Software

Once Giraldo is done taking video footage with his drone and camera, he turns to Adobe Premier Pro as his editing suite of choice. The software, which is used by many professional videographers and filmmakers, allows Giraldo to produce more in-depth videos than basic editing software provided on most computers.

Project Dashboard

Giraldo is a self-proclaimed “Bluebeam geek,” so it isn’t surprising that one of his most precious items on the jobsite is his Bluebeam Project Dashboard. “I normally build one for every jobsite that I work on,” he said, “and it saves me so much time when trying to find different folders; trying to go to different documents that I need on a daily basis.”  

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