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Top Digital Construction Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Sometimes there is not enough time in a day to research the latest news and trends in digital construction. To help you level up, we’ve selected the best construction technology-related podcasts.

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is constantly evolving and changing, and it’s essential to stay current on news and trends. One easy way to do so is to listen to a podcast.  

To help you level up your industry knowledge without a lot of extra work, here are some of the best construction technology-related podcasts.  

The ConTechCrew 

Founded in 2016 by James Benham, Josh Bone and Rob McKinney, this weekly podcast features a cast of influencers in construction technology discussing how evolving industry tools are changing the industry. Episodes focus on innovators in construction software, 3D printing, laser scanning, apps for construction, robotics and other technology breakthroughs. 

Average episode length: 60 minutes 


IndustryConnex is a podcast for the architecture, engineering, construction and operation (AECO) industry. Produced by Cadgroup and hosted by Deepak Maini, this podcast brings industry professionals together to discuss challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them.  

Average episode length: 30 – 60 minutes 

Episode Spotlight: Discussing Bluebeam Revu with Sadra Kassaei 

In this episode, Deepak speaks with Sadra Kassaei, senior product manager at Bluebeam, about how the team bridges the gap between users and product developers to implement user-requested changes.  

Future Construct  

Hosted by Amy Peck, CEO of EndeavorVR, Future Construct spotlights thought leaders from around the world working on innovative technology solutions for the AEC industry.  

Average episode length: 30 minutes 

Episode Spotlight: Salla Eckhardt: Digital Twins and the Future of Digital Tech in Construction at Microsoft 

In Future Construct’s first episode, Salla Eckhardt, the director of transformation services and worldwide construction lead at Microsoft, discusses digital twins, her experiences as a woman in the industry and the future role of digital technologies in construction. 

Bridging the Gap 

This weekly podcast focuses on all the ways the construction industry is advancing, interviewing industry experts who are changing the technological landscape. Each episode, hosted by Todd Weyandt, highlights an industry expert trying new things in their field as well as advancements in technology, the soft skills required for successful transformation and the incredible stories of what is happening in and around construction. 

Average episode length: 30-60 minutes 

Episode Spotlight: Tools and Tricks for the Future of Collaboration with Rick Kremer 

Rick Kremer joins Weyandt to discuss crossing the divide between general contractors and architects, the differences in how people have worked over the past two years and how to encourage and embrace better collaboration in the industry.  

Engineering Reimagined 

Run by Aurecon Group, an engineering consultancy, this monthly podcast explores how people are reimagining engineering and the future through technology to lead a better world.  

Episode Spotlight: Democratising innovation through design thinking 

Maureen Thurston, Aurecon’s chief experience officer, and Jeanne Liedtka, professor of design thinking at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, discuss design thinking as a social technology, why creativity is not just for artists and how to democratise the process of innovation. 

The World’s Best Construction Podcast 

If you want a break from construction technology, why not try the newly released “The World’s Best Construction Podcast” from construction media company The B1M? 

 Led by Fred Mills, Liam Marsh and Luke Bligh, this new one-hour podcast covers the latest news in the construction and architecture industry.   

Average episode length: 60 minutes  

Episode Spotlight: Live from San Diego w/Mike Landers 

Bluebeam’s Mike Landers joins Fred and Liam for episode six of B1M’s new podcast. Recorded live from Bluebeam’s XCON conference in San Diego, this episode discusses Vienna’s car-less IKEA, London’s newest skyscraper, “18 Blackfriars” and Dubai’s “Downtown Circle.” 

In the Blue – a podcast about all things Bluebeam 

This nine-episode podcast, running from 2019-2020 and hosted by U.S. CAD, is about all things Bluebeam. “In the Blue” features hosts and guests who are on the forefront of AEC technology and experts with Bluebeam software. 

Average episode length: 20-30 minutes 

Episode Spotlight: David Rekker of Bluebeam Canada 

Bluebeam’s David Rekker sits down with In the Blue to discuss the career path that took him from construction to engineering to software and the role Bluebeam played. 

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