Women in Construction Week 2023

Built Celebrates Women in Construction Week 2023

To kick off Women in Construction Week 2023, Built looks back on its top stories of women making a difference in the industry from the past year

Welcome to Built’s celebration of Women in Construction Week 2023. To kick off the occasion, here’s a look back at some of our top stories about some of the incredible women making a major difference in the construction industry.

The Plumber Flushing Away Stereotypes to Motivate Women in Construction: Judaline Cassidy has been laughed at for being a female plumber, but that hasn’t stopped her from ascending to the top of her craft and being a trailblazer for other women entering the trade.

What Makes Architect Leslie Saul Tick?: The principal of a Boston-area architecture and design firm, Saul is doing her part to bring more women into the industry.

Meet the 22-Year-Old Carpenter Fighting for More Women in Construction: At 22, Abbey Agius has already established a fulfilling career in carpentry; now, she’s working to make the trade more accessible for others like her.

The Secret to This Construction Manager’s Successful 30-Year Career: Nicolle Wilkinson has a message for women pursuing construction careers: forge your own path. Here’s how she did it.

An Unlikely Carpenter Finds Her Way in Construction: Beth Barton was struggling to find a stable career when construction came calling; ‘The trades saved my life.’

Cal Poly Women in Construction Group Embraces Mentorship to Advance Industry Representation: The club is helping college-aged women find mentorship and support as they enter construction.

How One Engineer Is Dismantling Stereotypes of Women in Construction: Chloe Gharios has a message for women in construction: you belong. And she is fearless in being authentic as an engineer by showing through social media how others can be, too.

Meet Christine McHugh: Sustainability Champion Advocating for More Tradeswomen in Construction: The commercial real estate consultant started her career as one of a few women in her industry, and now she’s trying to give back by promoting and coaching others looking to follow in her footsteps.

Girls Build Advocates for Early Hands-on Construction Experience: Experts suggest that young girls often rule out construction as a viable career path early on, which is why this nonprofit is working to introduce them to the field.

Why Mentorship Is Critical to Bringing More Women into Construction: A construction professor credits the numerous mentoring relationships that propelled her career, and says increasing the number of women in the industry requires that more are seen in leadership roles.

Women Played a Towering Role in Building This $1 Billion Chicago Skyscraper: Women were involved throughout construction of the 1,198-foot St. Regis Chicago, from design to project management to the trades.

‘Girls Can’t Do That:’ For 50 Years, Darlene Septelka Has Proven That Old Construction Adage Wrong: The construction veteran, who has worked in myriad roles across the globe for half a century, reflects on her journey as a trailblazer for women in the industry.