Black History Month 2023

Built Celebrates Black History Month 2023

In honor of Black History Month, Built reflects on the top stories featuring Black construction professionals from the past several years

In honor of Black History Month, here are the top Built stories celebrating construction professionals from the Black community:

Construction’s Strategy to Increase Minority Representation: Appeal to Kids: Organizations across the industry are working to improve its minority representation by developing programs that drive awareness at the youngest ages.

A Man of the Grandest Design: Architect Paul R. Williams: From designing doors to opening them, architect Paul Revere Williams defined excellence and defied racism.

The Plumber Flushing Away Stereotypes to Motivate Women in Construction: Judaline Cassidy has been laughed at for being a female plumber, but that hasn’t stopped her from ascending to the top of her craft and being a trailblazer for other women entering the trade.

The Women Working to Improve Black Representation in Construction: The National Association of Black Women in Construction aims to promote mentorship and community to grow the ranks of Black women in the industry.

Women Played a Towering Role in Building This $1 Billion Chicago Skyscraper: Women were involved throughout construction of the 1,198-foot St. Regis Chicago, from design to project management to the trades.

This Professor Wants to Use Architecture to Reshape Society: Erica Cochran Hameen, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture, sees the potential of her field beyond the built environment.

Meet Lashanna Lintamo, Welder-Turned-Social-Media-Mogul: The 35-year-old welder is using social media to inspire future generations to enter the trade—and to promote her larger ambitions that aim to help the Black community across industries.

A Family Affair: Moody Nolan’s Jonathan Moody: The CEO of the largest Black-owned architecture firm in the U.S. shares how being an architect isn’t always about the buildings, as well as how he didn’t always envision working for the family business.

This Rising Star Is Ready to Take the Architecture World by Storm: Tiara Hughes is one of the youngest and most profound voices in Chicago architecture, and she’s ready to take her message of equality in the industry to the national level.

5 Things Electrician Kaaron Lee-Wah Can’t Live Without: Construction workers rely on several essential tools to get the job done. Here, an electrician shares the items he can’t live without on the job.

L.A.’s Most Influential Black Architects: These trailblazers contributed to some of the most well-known buildings in Southern California.

5 Things Welder Lashanna Lintamo Can’t Live Without: Construction workers rely on several essential tools to get the job done. Here, a welder shares the items she can’t live without on the job.