4 Ways Digital Collaboration Is Physically Changing Construction Sites

Bluebeam's Joe Williams and The B1M's Fred Mills explain how digital collaboration is physically change jobsites

Even before a global pandemic forced construction, engineering and design firms to institute remote-work policies for office workers and enhanced safety measures for those in the field, digital collaboration had taken on greater significance in the industry.  

Not only has technology and the proliferation of digital tools allowed the industry to build faster and more efficient, but, in a post-COVID-19 world, both have become critical in ensuring that projects are able to stay on time and on budget amid the new challenges brought on by the pandemic.  

Digital collaboration

Recently, The B1M’s Fred Mills and Bluebeam’s Joe Williams sat down to share their insights on how digital collaboration is physically changing the nature of construction sites. In the above video, they break down the four ways this is happening today: 

  1. A Reimagined Jobsite Trailer 
  2. Working On-Site by Working Off-Site 
  3. Expansion of Jobsite Tech
  4. New On-Site Digital Infrastructure

Digital collaboration is becoming prevalent in more places than jobsites. Bluebeam User Group meetings are going virtual, too.