Digital Construction Courses

Digital Construction Courses in Australia 

Construction education is changing, with Australian universities seeing the value of educating students on integrating technology in construction. Below are some university courses that have rejected traditional construction education in favour of digital construction degrees.

According to a 2016 report by the multinational infrastructure company Balfour Beatty, an estimated 75% of the infrastructure people will need by 2050 does not currently exist. To help meet this need, Australian universities and  TAFEs (Technical and Further Education) have begun to recognise the value of educating and offering courses that combine digital technologies and construction.  

Below are some current construction courses that emphasise integrating technology.  

Bachelor of Digital Construction Management: Swinburne University  

The Swinburne University of Technology is the first university to offer a degree in construction technology. First offered in February 2022, the Bachelor of Digital Construction Management is a three-year, full-time programme that offers 12-month industry assignments for extra credit.  

This course allows students to build their vital toolset of leadership, teamwork, project management and resource management skills for construction managers both on-site and virtually. It is the only construction management course in the nation that offers access to cutting-edge gear and software in the lab at industry standards.  

The degree aims to create a talent pipeline to assist Australia’s upcoming infrastructure projects with a cutting-edge concentration on digital construction and design components.   

Bachelor of Construction Technology: Western Sydney University  

The Bachelor of Construction Technology from Western Sydney University is a condensed version of the three-year Bachelor of Construction Management degree.   

With a focus on four areas—construction technology, construction economics, construction law and construction project management—the construction technology curriculum provides theoretical, practical and hands-on expertise.   

The curriculum offers numerous options to pursue a cadetship in the building business in fields such as project home construction, building surveys and residential development.  

Bachelor of Computational Design: UNSW  

The Bachelor of Computation Design programme at the University of New South Wales allows students to develop the skills necessary to utilise cutting-edge technologies in engineering, architecture and computer science.  

With the aid of technology such as 3D modelling, digital geometry and parametric design, responsive environments, form making, robotic and digital fabrication using 3D printers and laser cutters, this three-year, full-time degree helps students prepare for a career designing future solutions for the built environment.  

Additionally, this degree gives students the chance to complete a project assigned by business partners, allowing them to graduate with both a professional portfolio and ties to the industry.  

Master of Building Information Modelling & Integrated Project Delivery: Bond University

Bond University’s ‘Masters of Building Information and Integrated Project Delivery’, was developed to combat the challenges of over-spend, delivery delays and productivity through collaboration.

This Masters course, prepares students for expanded involvement as applicable BIM/Lean/IPD Managers in the workplace and is the first accredited program of its kind in Australia.

This one-year, full-time program was created in close consultation with industry experts and aligns with guidelines and criteria set forth by Australia’s, the United Kingdom’s, and the United States’ top professional bodies.

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