Why Construction May Be the Perfect Career for Military Veterans

The construction industry may provide the perfect career for military veterans transitioning into the next chapter of their lives

The vision most civilians may have of people who serve in the United States military is likely incomplete.

Romanticized by films and other forms of popular culture, most people would envision a military member as a foot soldier in battle, likely carrying a weapon or riding on a tank patrolling close to enemy lines.

However, members of the U.S. military actually represent a diversity of jobs and responsibilities.

Many indeed spend time on the front lines of combat, rifles in hand as they battle the nation’s foes. But for every front-line fighter in the military comes a host of other service members who serve in equally vital roles, from nurse to linguist to computer programmer, physician—and even engineer and contractor.

These military jobs and experiences equip servicemembers for a variety of roles once their time is up and they look to re-enter civilian life. Especially promising for military veterans searching for the next step in their lives is a career in construction.

In the above video, several veterans explain why construction is an ideal career for others like them following their time in the service. Regardless of the branch or specific jobs performed while serving their country, there’s likely a place for that same skill and expertise in construction.  

Sean Garcia

Meet Sean Garcia, Navy Seabee turned superintendent.